Euro 2024: Alvaro Morata: “No respect” for me in Spain

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By Ruvie S

Álvaro Morata was visibly emotional after Spain’s extra-time win over Germany at Euro 2024. 

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Alvaro Morata, the captain of Spain, hinted once more that he would leave Atletico Madrid, calling it “probable” that Euro 2024 will be his final competition with his nation. He also added that “in Spain there’s no respect for anything or anyone.”

The 31-year-old Alvaro Morata has started four of Spain’s five Euro games thus far. He scored in their 3-0 group-stage victory against Croatia, and he is anticipated to play when his team takes on France in Tuesday’s Munich semifinal.

The striker seemed to clarify this week that he would be staying at Atlético, stating he “won’t stop” until he’s won titles with the team. this month, he suggested that it would be “easiest” for him to play abroad because of the way fans have treated him and his family.

“This might be my final competition with Spain,” Alvaro Morata stated to El Mundo on Monday. “It’s a possibility that I don’t want to talk about too much, but it’s probable.”


This past week, the forward seemed to indicate that he would be sticking at Atlético, claiming he “won’t stop” until he’s won trophies with the club. Last month, he suggested that it would be “easiest” for him to play abroad because of the way fans have treated him and his family.

Alvaro Morata stated to the daily El Mundo on Monday, “It might be my last tournament with Spain.” “It’s a possibility that I don’t want to talk about too much, but it’s probable.”

Following earlier, false reports that said Alvaro Morata was given a yellow card for being substituted during Spain’s 2-1 quarterfinal victory over Germany, Alvaro Morata will be permitted to play against France.

“The other day, people said I was crying [on the touchline] because I’d been given a yellow card,” Alvaro Morata stated. “What absurdity is that! I was crying because I was the captain of my country, and we had advanced to the semifinals. That’s why I could never be critical of someone who was sobbing. However, I receive criticism for chopping off my hand to win the Euros.”

“It’s difficult for me to be happy in Spain,” stated Alvaro Morata. “I’m definitely happier outside of Spain.” As I’ve said numerous times. Mostly because I’m respected by others. There is no regard for anything or anyone in Spain.”

Luis de la Fuente, the manager of Spain, likewise supported his captain and emphasized the contributions he makes to the group both on and off the field.

“I wholeheartedly concur with him. “It is completely unjust how a celebrity like him has been treated,” De la Fuente remarked. “He sets an exemplary example in all that he does. I disagree with anyone who is against Alvaro Morata. I take Morata’s side both as a man and as a football player. We support him because he is our captain.”

The former Juventus striker said in an interview with El Mundo on Monday that he was happier outside of Spain and that he could give up playing for his country after the Euros. He also mentioned this in an interview with Cadena COPE.

His remarks sparked even more condemnation from Spanish media, with one piece published in El Confidencial hurting the Spaniard’s wife, Alice Campello, an Italian, especially.

“Alvaro Morata, a captain that embarrasses Spain, not only for his poor level at the Euros” was the title of the piece. The wife of the striker responded with multiple Instagram stories.

Source: Alvaro Morata’s wife Instagram Stories

She wrote, “I don’t mean to stir up trouble and play the victim, but this doesn’t seem right.”

Is this typical? The journalist’s level is the only subpar one I can observe here.

It’s absurd that you would try to sink a member of your national team instead of supporting them. When someone doesn’t feel trusted, how do you believe he can give his country his all? With this title, what do you hope to accomplish? increase one’s hatred toward someone?

“Everyone has the right and freedom to voice their own opinions, but there are many different ways to say things, particularly when you work for a newspaper and have the ability to shape the opinions of young people,” the speaker went on.

“Is this really what we want? Whether it’s about Alvaro or anyone else, we ought to be better people and resist the urge to normalize these behaviors.

Source: Alvaro Morata’s wife Instagram Stories

She said in a second story, “Don’t forget that these players have a mother, a father, a wife, and children who have to read this barbarity.”

“This incident involving the newspaper is but one of thousands of everyday barbarisms. We should consider the impact of our words on others before speaking.

“Once again, everyone is free to voice their opinions, but they must not offend.”

Alvaro Morata’s contract with Atletico Madrid has two years left on it, but Milan is prepared to activate the €13 million option in his deal.

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