“You guys can’t touch me,” says a disrespectful Novak Djokovic to the Wimbledon fans after advancing to the semifinals.

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Although he easily advanced to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon on Monday thanks to yet another strong effort, 24-time grand slam champion Novak Djokovic was not at all pleased with his victory.

On Center Court, the Serb defeated Holger Rune 6-3 6-4 6-2 in just over two hours, although some of the spectators were supporting his Danish opponent, which irritated him. Throughout the game, fans could be heard cheering for the world No. 15 by yelling “Ruuuuune,” which is akin to booing.

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“I sincerely thank all of the admirers who have shown me respect and have remained here tonight. In his post-match interview, Djokovic said, “I appreciate it.”

With all of my gratitude, thank you so much. Thank you very much. Have a great night, everyone who has chosen to show disrespect to the player—in my case, myself. Fantastic evening. Fantastic evening. Extremely excellent night, he exclaimed, making the “Os” in “good” seem like “boo.”

I’ve been on the tour for almost 20 years, so believe me when I say that I know all the tricks. I am aware of how it operates. It’s okay, it’s OK. I pay attention to the polite individuals who enjoy tennis, respect the players and their hard work, paid for their tickets to watch tonight, and exhibit these qualities.

“Trust me, I’ve played in far more hazardous environments. No one can touch me, you guys. The audience had previously enraged Djokovic following a match against Rune.

The same thing happened to Djokovic at the US Open in 2021 when he mistook what he assumed to be jeers from the audience. Rune said after Monday’s loss that it had been enjoyable to hear the supporters sing his name and that his opponent had once again been in error.

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They actually were. Indeed, they were. Indeed, they were. I reject it. They were probably applauding Rune. But that’s just a pretext to boo as well,” Djokovic remarked. I’ve been on the road for almost 20 years, so pay attention. I know all the tricks, so trust me. I am aware of how it operates.

It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright. I concentrate on the polite individuals who value respect, who bought a ticket to see the match tonight, and who enjoy tennis. and adore the game of tennis. and recognize the players’ efforts and the work they put forth here.

Djokovic was asked if he believed the All England Club should take action to stop boisterous crowd behavior during his news conference later.

“Look, there’s not really much Wimbledon can do about that. I mean, the audience paid for their tickets at the specific times when it occurred. It is their right to be present and to applaud however they see fit. That’s all up to them—how they act or choose to assist the player is entirely up to them,” Djokovic explained.

Yes, you might argue that someone like a chair umpire may intervene at specific times to help them relax, but there isn’t much you can do about it. You won’t remove the entire crowd or stadium because some people are acting inappropriately or disrespectfully.

Rune remarked, “He was just better than me today.” “To be honest, I thought both players had excellent support, regardless of the crowd.”

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Following the match, Djokovic made a violin-like gesture, possibly implying that his victory and his advancement to the All England Club quarterfinals for the fifteenth time made him feel sorry for anyone in the arena.

He finished second to Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon championship match last year and has won the title seven times. Djokovic remarked, “I played in much more hostile environments, trust me. Nobody can touch me, you guys.”

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